Salient Features

Shantigram has it origin in the very idea of a place that provides genuine world class lifestyle space to all those who seek it and appreciate it.

•   Shantigram offers the best of all that makes life a pleasure to live. Spread over 600 acres with over 80% of it being open areas or with a green cover,     Shantigram truly is the address of solace
•  Shantigram has been conceived, keeping in mind, bringing the GOOD LIFE to as many people as possible. It has been developed on a flexible model which     caters to the needs and desires of a majority of the demography
•  Various internationally renowned architects and consultants have been commissioned for the development of this one of a kind project
•  One of the important foundations of an enjoyable life is its harmony with the surroundings, its synchronicity with the nature. Bearing this in mind, Shantigram has     been developed, factoring in vital environment friendly parameters like Rain Water Harvesting, Water Recycling, Solar Energy for streets lights, Solid Waste     Management Systems, to name a few
•  And last but definitely not the least; Shantigram is laden with features that spell luxury and comfort through minutest of details. The township would house a     huge artificial lake, landscaped parks and gardens, Golf Course with Club, a Golf Promenade and a cricket field amongst other avenues of magnificence

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